I know everyone has questions, so I’ve posted the most-asked questions here… just to make your life a bit easier (heck, that’s what I’m here for)!

The idea to outsource podcast editing and production is one that is hard for podcasters to swallow. As a small business owner myself, I am a big fan of outsourcing aspects of your business that slow you down, impede your ability to offer stellar service, or minimize the amount of time for doing what you want to be doing.

The time would be much better spent putting your face out in the public, booking more interviews, recording additional sessions, or collaborating with other members of your community. Your time has value, and there comes a point that you are actually holding your business back by doing that type of work. There will become a point when your time holds a much higher value than the cost of paying to have your edits done by somebody else, you will in fact be saving your business money!

Take back your life NOW!

Everyone! Whether you are brand new at podcasts and just starting out, or a seasoned pro with hundreds of episodes on your belt, Podcast Superhero can help you produce world class podcasts.
Nope. Nada. You don’t have to make a long-term commitment to me. There’s no risk for you and you may cancel at any time.
On a side note: I do have nice incentives for those who do decide to commit to a longer term 🙂
Our packages are set up for weekly podcasts. This generally means 4-5 episodes per month.
I commit to being able to produce your episode within a week of receiving your files and instructions. You upload the raw episode files to us via Dropbox at least 7 days prior to your publishing time. You will receive a completed episode along with a notification email at least 12 hours before your publishing time. If you get the files to us sooner, we generally will have them completed sooner as well.
Even though I’m here to make your life as easy as pie, I’ll still need a few things from you to make a successful podcast!

  1. Audio recordings – we need you to create amazing content in audio file form, and send them through to us!
  2. Editing notes – we need you to write down instructions on what is in and what is out. Tell us what order the audio files go in, where they start and finish, and any sections that need chopped out.
Find music for your podcast intro, outro or grab some sound effects from one of these great royalty free music sites!

Absolutely! Just by contacting me, you receive a free consultation to chat more about what hyou are looking for in your podcast production. If you are looking to receive more personalize instruction or need help assembling the resources to record a podcast, I can schedule an individual consultation to get you going!
Well that’s a loaded question. While I can’t make you sound like the voiceover announcer from movie trailers, I can however, process your audio to have that clean, polished feel with background noise reduction and careful editing to remove those annoying stutters and “ummmms.”
Contact us and ask! I’m here to help!