Podcast Production

The Podcast Superhero isn’t just any ordinary superhero. He uses his extraordinary super powers to carefully edit and craft your podcast into the best quality, professional sounding audio program.

A good editor can save you hours of time every week by handling the editing and maybe even the show notes and admin work. Check out what we offer for basic and premium podcast production packages when you sign up:

Audio Editing

The biggest time-killer of any podcaster is the editing process. You want to work ON your business, not IN it! We’ll free you from the wrath of editing. This includes editing your program, removing long silence gaps and those unwanted “ummms” as well as adding intros, outros and commercials.


Sound quality is just as important as the content quality. Don’t let those evil background sounds and hisses destroy your podcast. Podcast Superhero can save your show by applying equalization, compression and noise reduction to give you crisp, clean sound easily!

Flow Control

A good editor can actually help the feel or “flow” of your interview or program. We can adjust the pacing and smooth out the flow of conversations by removing awkward pauses and interruptions and make it a better listener experience!

ID3 Tagging

We want you to get your podcast found! The Podcast Superhero will add the ID3 tagging all the necessary
information for the best podcast SEO. In addition to the show metadata, we can include your cover artwork as well.


We know your time is valuable, so Podcast Superhero will do whatever necessary to get your show uploaded to your media hosting service – so you don’t have to!

Show Notes

Show notes are so important  in podcasts today We’ll write up show notes to accompany your podcast episode that match your style. The notes will have links to all tools, resources and people mentioned in your episode.


The Podcast Superhero can assist and optimize your podcast production setup in a flash! With my years of audio and sound production training, I can help you navigate through your sound gear and setup to make your podcast audio shine!

Easy Packages

Choosing your production package is super-easy! Depending on your level of needs, there is a perfect fit for anyone needing relief from the post-production work for your podcast. Why spend so much time doing all the work? Have us make your life easier!

Premium “Add-on” Services

  • Complete Transcriptions
  • Custom Show Cover Art
  • Tweetables
  • Website Posting of Episode
  • Branded PDF for Incentive Opt-Ins

New to Podcasting?

I can help you! Becoming a podcaster is easy, but some of you want it all done for you! Podcast Superhero has turn-key solutions to guide you through the process of acquiring your equipment, setting up your gear and fine-tuning everything to make sure you can begin your show ASP!